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About Us

Chinese Medicine is a holistic approach to wellness.  It leaves nothing out.  It looks at the environment, relationships, diet, sleep; and so every layer of our existence has the potential to be noticed. Awareness is one of our best friends and it's part of the secret to our liberation from old patterns and cycles that no longer serve us. Do you have a desire for harmony and balance? Acupuncturist's use combined diagnostic techniques to assist the body in directing its energy or attention to the areas that need to be cleared and in some cases cultivated and supported.

We believe for the highest quality of life you must move and use your body, nourish it with quality ingredients from the most natural sources and establish practices that continue to align all aspects of our existence leading to a balanced life and healthy relationships.


About Us


 Jacquelyn Sharpe L.Ac. 992, LMT 8233, founded Sunlight Wellness in 2012.  She has worked with thousands of people since graduating Professional Massage Training Center (Springfield, MO) in 2006 and Jung Tao School of Chinese Medicine (Boone, NC) in 2015.

     With the use of various modalities for bodywork and the incredible rejuvenating properties of acupuncture, Jacquelyn, creates both a healthful, experience promoting balance and overall wellness.  


After years of maintaining a thriving clinic in Boone, NC; Sunlight Wellness is now located in Reidsville, North Carolina.  We are happy to serve the Piedmont with the goal to support all those looking for change through the use and practice of Chinese Medicine.  


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“Knowing others is intelligence;
yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength; 
mastering yourself is true
Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

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